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Film Archive
The Film Archive of the Polish Institute and Gen. Sikorski Museum contains four main sections.  1. The main section (the so-called Sikorski Collection) comprises 35mm films and includes the period between the wars and – most importantly – material which originates from the Second World War. Although the inter-war period is represented by a relatively small number of films, those taken by Polish film crews during the war amount to many hours of filmed material.  Complete productions account for just a small number of films while the remainder of the material was either used, or was filmed with a view to future productions. Use of the Sikorski Collection archive material is described in the Terms and Conditions Form.  2. The second section contains films and television productions which various bodies have donated to the Institute from the 1950s to the present day. These productions are, in the main, based on source material from the Institute but, as many of the producers retain their own copyrights, they are only made available for the purposes of research on the Institute’s premises.  3. Section three encompasses material donated by private individuals – mostly former members of the Polish Armed Forces – and these films document their post-war activities (such as ceremonies commemorating anniversaries of battles, conferences and lectures, etc.)  This material, too, may only be used for research purposes.  4. The fourth section contains the Institute’s own material. These are films taken on the Institute’s premises during various events such as the annual “Soldiers’ Day”, VIP visits etc. CATALOGUE OF FILMS – THE SIKORSKI COLLECTION. Link to Sikorski Collection The catalogue is currently in preparation. Although it is available on this web-site, it should be borne in mind that this is an on-going project, and it will be up-dated gradually. The complete version will be made available over the course of the next few years. TERMS OF USE OF MATERIAL. If you are interested in archive material from the Sikorski Collection for documentary and other film productions, before placing an order, please complete the Terms Form, which explains the conditions of use of Sikorski Collection material. Once the form has been completed, the material required for a given production is sent out as a time coded digital file, which enables you to choose the extracts you require for your Purchase Order. The material ordered is then issued as HD file. PRICE LIST The Price List describes the various licences issued and the fees for use of filmed material, photographs and documents for film or television production purposes. LICENCE The License is sent together with the film material, on receipt of payment of fees in accordance with the Price List. Questions concerning archive material should be sent to the following e-mail address:  or by post to: The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum 20 Prince’s Gate SW7 1PT London NOTE: We would ask you to use the above e-mail address only for contact with the Film Archives. Contact addresses for the Archives of the Institute and for Family Research is given in the section entitled Archives/Family Research.
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