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Film Archive
CATALOGUE OF FILMS – THE SIKORSKI COLLECTION The   Catalogue   of   the   Collection   is   being   constantly   up-dated   in   line   with   work   on   the   entire   film   collection. The   catalogue   file   is   available   in   a   pdf    format   with   OCR.   To   make   searching   easier,   descriptions   of   all   of   the films are contained in a single file. Sikorski Collection - catalogue - pdf FILMS In   view   of   the   on-going   cataloguing   process,   films   will   be   made   available   on   our   YouTube   channel   as,   and when,   they   are   ready.   Although   the   task   of   copying   the   films   onto   a   modern   35mm   medium   has   been completed, work is currently underway to digitalise all of the material.
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