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Film Archive
CATALOGUE OF FILMS – THE SIKORSKI COLLECTION The   Catalogue   of   the   Collection   is   being   constantly   up-dated   in   line   with   work   on   the   entire   film   collection. The   catalogue   file   is   available   in   a   pdf    format   with   OCR.   To   make   searching   easier,   descriptions   of   all   of   the films are contained in a single file. Sikorski Collection - catalogue - pdf FILMS In   view   of   the   on-going   cataloguing   process,   films   will   be   made   available   on   our   YouTube   channel   as,   and when,   they   are   ready.   Although   the   task   of   copying   the   films   onto   a   modern   35mm   medium   has   been completed,   work   is   currently   underway   to   digitalise   all   of   the   material.   Below   an   examples   from   our   collection in   avi    format   (SD),   which   requires   Windows   Media   Player   or   Quick   Time   Player.   The   time   required   to   open   a file depends on its size and on internet connection speed.
A Polish Sailor The Poles Weigh Anchor Refugee Camp in Germany
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